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group photo of happy familyDr. James Doyle and his gentle team help your loved ones keep their smiles healthy with efficient dental services and advanced technologies. Dr. Doyle worked with us for three years before purchasing the practice in 2019, so he could continue to serve his community. At the practice of James L Doyle, DDS, our team treats you and your family members with the dignity, respect, and delivers the quality of care you deserve.

We are deeply rooted in the local community and proudly serve the families of Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. Our comfortable office is near Sweetwater and Lexington, and our friendly team is ready to assist you the moment you walk into our practice. Contact us at our Sugar Land office today and schedule your appointment!


Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Dr. Doyle and his team have the experience and skillset to work with children, teens, adults, and seniors. When you choose to visit our practice, you benefit from:

A Meaningful Relationship with Your Dentist: Our team loves getting to know you over the years. We see you as a valued member of our dental family and strive to provide an effective, comfortable, and tailored experience.

Convenient Appointments: When you see Dr. Doyle, you can schedule appointments for multiple family members throughout a single afternoon. We have two dental hygienists in-office, so we can see two members of your family at once and save you time during the workweek. Our office also offers early hours to better accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Strengthened Oral Health: We can detect overall health trends and hereditary conditions since we see your family members regularly. Quickly pinpointing these issues allows us to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Dental Care for Young Children

group of three happy childrenDr. Doyle begins seeing children as young as one year old. When it comes to kids, it is essential to monitor their developing oral health. We keep an eye out for any signs that they need orthodontic treatment and work with trusted pediatric dentists on a case-by-case basis. Our team wants to begin forming a positive bond with your child early, so they are accustomed to dental checkups as they grow older.

We approach our youngest patients with an incredibly gentle chairside manner and take care to explain our treatments using language they can understand. Parents are more than welcome during our treatments, and we are happy to answer any questions for you or your child.

Dentistry for Teens

As your child grows older, it is vital to develop good dental habits and visit our dentist for regular dental cleanings. Our cleanings include fluorides and sealants for additional protection. We emphasize the importance of education with our young adults and use appropriate language and models to demonstrate dental techniques and practices.

If your child or another family member plays a high-contact sport, we can provide you with a custom sports guard. Our family dentist makes an impression of your mouth, which is then used as the blueprint for a sturdy guard with a natural, comfortable fit. Using the same technique, we offer durable mouth guards to wear if you grind your teeth at night. We want you to enjoy your lifestyle while protecting your teeth at the same time!

Improving Adult Oral Health with Cosmetic & Restorative Services

As you move into adulthood, our family dentist offers a range of cosmetic services and dental restorations to rejuvenate your one-of-a-kind smile. Our cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, Invisalign®, and veneers. We want to craft the unique smile you’ve always dreamed of! Our selection of restorative services is just as extensive and includes the following:

  • Dental Implants consist of artificial tooth roots set into your jaw. Your implants can serve as the stable base for many implant-supported restorations, such as full dentures, bridges, and crowns.
  • Dental Crowns cover the surface of a tooth that is decayed, damaged, or has undergone root canal therapy. Your crown protects the vulnerable tooth from future damage. Our crowns are beautifully crafted at a local lab. We put a temporary crown in place to protect your tooth while you wait for your permanent crown.
  • Fillings protect teeth after treatment for cavities. Your filling strengthens the space left after removing decay, preventing infections and restoring function to the tooth.
  • Bridges provide a set of replacement teeth to fill significant gaps in your smile. A bridge uses your healthy teeth to anchor itself in place, which also prevents them from shifting out of alignment. If your natural teeth are unable to support a bridge, we can use dental implants to stabilize your restoration.
  • Partial dentures fit around your healthy teeth to fill gaps in your smile. Full dentures use natural-looking, fully-functional prosthetics to replace an entire arch of teeth.

Emergency Dentistry to Quickly Address Your Needs

If you or a loved one suffers a dental emergency, such as a lost tooth, broken restoration, or severe pain, please contact our family dentist as soon as you can. We provide same-day appointments whenever possible to efficiently address your situation. Even after business hours, calling our office phone will put you in touch with Dr. Doyle, who can provide advice and assistance.

Invisalign to Straighten Your Smile

We firmly believe that it is never too late to sculpt the straight, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We offer Invisalign treatment to adults that are looking to rejuvenate their smile. Invisalign is an orthodontic alternative to fixed braces. Instead of having to deal with brackets and wires in your mouth all day long, you simply wear a set of clear aligners for most of the day. Since you can remove them while eating and drinking, you can enjoy your current lifestyle and align your smile at the same time.

Maintaining Your Dental Health as a Senior

senior couple outdoorsContrary to what many believe, losing teeth does not inevitably happen as you age! By visiting Dr. Doyle and taking steps to maintain your smile, you protect your natural teeth. It is an accepted fact that keeping your smile healthy is beneficial to your overall well-being. Oral cancer screenings are included in your visits to protect your health.

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in America, and it is a condition that predominantly impacts adults and seniors. Our team keeps watch for any sign of gum disease and we offer effective treatments. Scaling and root planing treatments and maintenance cleanings can bring gum disease under control. Should you suffer from a more complex case of gum disease, we can refer you to a trusted dental specialist to receive the care you need.

Protecting Smiles with Dedicated Family Dentistry

At the practice of James L Doyle, DDS, we go above and beyond your expectations to provide you with high-quality dental care. Our experienced team is here to help, whether you or a loved one needs a dental cleaning, a restoration, or gum disease treatment. Contact our Sugar Land office today to make an appointment with us, so we can keep your smile shining for years to come!


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